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d was used in a sort of deaf-and-dumb alphabet. The large V-shaped ornaments denote four equal divisions of the day, and the smaller ornaments of the same shape indicate the division o

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f the day into eight parts. The ornaments lying between the V's represent eight divisions of the night. The twenty

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ornaments in [Pg 157] panels in the circle inside the V's are symbols of twenty days, or one Mexican month. Th

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e rest of the stone is differently interpreted by different writers, but they generally agree that it represents t

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he relations of the months to the year and the years to the Mexican cycle.' INDIAN PICTURE-WRITING. "And here


is a good place," said Fred, "to make some notes about the Aztecs. Properly speaking, they were only one of the

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tribes or nations that occupied the plateau of Anahuac

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e aggregate time consumed in their migrations

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e Toltecs, took possession of the country,

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